Why It Works




The secret to our success is simple: we are totally, completely, steadfastly committed to our client's complete happiness and satisfaction. To that end, we put our expertise and know-how to work for them every single day. 

Partner, Marilyn Zwiener, not only has worked the role of a "headhunter", but also possesses strong experience working on the corporate side of search.  This corporate role has given her a deep understanding of what it is like to be on the internal side of the hiring process and she gives her clients the utmost respect.  Once Z Venture obtains a thorough job and company description from our clients, we can assure that we will not waste their time or submit unqualified candidates.

We Offer Top Notch Service with Attractive Pricing

Z Venture offers a fee schedule designed to save you valuable time and money.  Our unique "retingency" plan is a nice blend of contingency and retainer search without the exorbitant cost. We will partner with our clients and assist throughout the entire recruitment and on-boarding process.

For those on a strict recruiting budget, we will break down our services to make your hire even more economical by providing you with pricing on itemized research/recruiting. Call or email us for details.

Z Venture is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients.  We will only take on 3 clients at a time so that we can focus all our efforts on giving you a quality hire without the headaches.

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